Established in 1992, Vertrans Associates (NZ) Ltd is a specialist Vertical Transportation consultancy practice specifically involved in all forms of vertical and horizontal transportation, including lifts, escalators, travelators, dumbwaiters, home lifts, platforms, vehicle hoists and car stacking systems.

The strength of Vertrans Associates is in our people and our ability to bring to clients a dedicated team of consultants; a team who are recognised as having an uncompromising commitment to the highest standard of engineering excellence and documentation.

The Director of Vertrans, Murray Barr, brings a lifetime of experience in this specialist discipline and together our engineers, Russell Appleton, Greg Moody, Peter Loader, Rob Barr, Jim Stirling, and Colin Sharpe bring a total of 125 years’ experience in the lift industry both in New Zealand and the Pacific.

Vertrans’ hands-on capability and experience to identify and solve problems in lift systems and components is a significant strength, unique to our company.

The Vertical Transportation design provided always seeks to use an innovative ecological sustainable design within the clients’ budget.  Where applicable, standard products are promoted to maximise client saving, inclusive of alternative acceptable solutions.

Vertrans promote the use of energy efficient lift systems to conserve power usage as the initial cost savings by an inefficient machine type may soon disappear with the on-going maintenance and energy costs.